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Our 18th Annual Mistra Estates Extra Virgin Olive Oil Season is NOW CLOSED!

(As always, our 19th Annual Season will OPEN 15 JULY 2024!)



Important Notes on Delivery:

As always, our oil is bottled to order. In other words, our oil doesn't come out of the settling vat until it's ready to go into our bottles; only our bottles are filled. This process eliminates waste and guarantees freshness. 


Our shipment will arrive early November 2023. Pickup and delivery will commence upon our shipment's arrival.

**Detailed updates for delivery and instructions for all pickup locations will be provided by email and on Facebook.** 

If you'd like to learn more about our liquid gold, please take a look at

this Emmy-nominated documentary from Derek Fletcher and Tracy Briggs! 

Questions, comments, or concerns about your order? Please email us at: or

For order updates, pics, news, and more fun please visit us on Facebook, here! 

You may also contact Peter at any time - day or night - at: +1.701.866.8660


Thank you! 

Need a bottle or two to tide you over until this season's delivery?

Our retail partners can help you out!

You can find Mistra Estates in
Aurora/Denver, CO ~ Fargo, ND ~ Mapleton, ND ~
 Moorhead, MN ~ Steamboat Spring, CO ~ Taylor, TX
Vergas, MN ~ West Fargo, ND
at the fine establishments, below! 


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