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The 2021 Mistra Estates Extra Virgin Olive Oil Season is NOW OPEN!

Our 16th annual order will close 31 August 2021! Our next chance to order is July 2022!

PLEASE NOTE: We have streamlined our order page for your convenience.

**Please select your preferred location for pickup or delivery via the

dropdown menu on the product page below!**

In addition to Fargo/Moorhead and MSP pickup and FedEx delivery,

we now offer local pickup at the following locations:
Detroit Lakes, Grand Forks, Walcott, Bismarck, Duluth, Bristol, WI 
& Austin, TX.

As always, upon completion of our the sale period, our liquid gold will be bottled to order in Mistras, Greece.

It will arrive in Fargo/Moorhead for pickup and distribution in early November 2021. 


As always, we will update everyone on order status and delivery news via email and Facebook

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about our order, please email us at:

 peter@peterschultzimporter.com or cady@peterschultzimporter.com

You may also contact Peter at any time -- day or night -- at: 701.866.8660. 

Thank you! 

(Looking for cases of 3 liter tins? 50% more oil per case? I have a limited supply; please email me directly!)

Need a few bottles to tide you over until November delivery? Our exclusive retail partners can help you out.