Amazing food. Incredible wine. Gorgeous places. Great people.


For adventurous souls looking to experience the beauty and culture of the Mediterranean, we offer three unique excursions every year. 


Santorini: partake in the viticulture of the land of Dionysus with a celebrated wine connoisseur, enjoy elite dining featuring locally sourced ingredients, take one-of-a-kind excursions up to the mountains and down to the sea, and explore the area's ancient history with an internationally-renowned archaeologist. 

Sparta: walk the land of Leonidas and the hoplite warriors of old with exclusive lectures from a preeminent scholars and local experts, visit Byzantine ruins perched in lush hillsides, eat traditional fare, and help harvest the very olives that come to make our beloved liquid gold each and every year. 

Crete: experience the magical tastes, the history, and the craft that can found only on the largest island of Greece, birthplace of mythical Zeus. Taste true Mediterranean flavors with ingredient samplings and cooking lessons from the villages, create works of art from the oldest of traditional methods, and walk the palaces of the Bronze-age Minoans.

We are currently taking inquiries for trip slots for 2020 excursions. 

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