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Kamari Beach
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Glorious food. Incredible wine. Gorgeous places. Extraordinary art. Great people.


We've visited Greece every year - sometimes two or three times a year - since 1996. It never gets old. Quite the opposite, in fact. The people and places of Greece never cease to amaze, educate, and inspire. In this spirit, and in conjunction with the Rourke Art Gallery + Museum, we offer four excursions for adventurous souls looking to experience the beauty and culture of the Greece every year. Come with us! 


Viticulture, Art, and Cuisine in Santorini! Every September, we partake in the viticulture of the land of Dionysus with Mr. Sam Wai, enjoy elite dining featuring locally-sourced ingredients, and explore Greece's history, art, and culture with Dr. Peter Schultz on this week and a half journey to Athens and Santorini. Want to learn more? Click here to send a note to Peter for current details2025 is SOLD OUT! Limited seats are still available for 2026! 

Journey to the Groves of Sparta! On this legendary October trip into the deep Peloponnese, we walk the land of the ancient Spartan King Leonidas, we visit Byzantine ruins perched in lush hillsides, we eat traditional fare, and we visit the groves from which our beloved liquid gold comes. Click here to send a note to Peter for current details! (Please don't wait! These trips fill up years in advance!)  2024 is SOLD OUT! Two seats are still available for 2025! 

The Aegean Wellness, Wine & Wonder Tour! Every May, every year, we leave the High Plains and return home to Athens and Santorini during this this wellness excursion led by Ms. Ero Alykatora, Dr. Peter Schultz, and Dr. Susan Mathison. Our journey will take us over the lofty peaks of ancient Thera, across the sun-kissed landscapes of the Aegean, and through the ancient cultures of Bronze Age Greece. Of course, all of this is a backdrop for the true focus of our journey: the exploration and celebration of our bodies, minds, and souls. Travelers may also opt in for an optional three-day extension to dive (or climb!) deeper into the island’s unmatched hiking culture. Click here to send a note to Peter for current details! 2024 is SOLD OUT! Limited seats are still available for spring 2025! 

Art, Craft, and Gaia-Power in Crete! Experience the flavors, the histories, and the crafts that can found only on this women's retreat to Crete, the largest island of Greece and birthplace of mythical Zeus. Revel in Mediterranean cuisine with ingredient samplings and cooking lessons from local villagers, create works of art using the oldest of traditional methods, and walk the timeless palaces of the Bronze-age Minoans. Click on this link to send a note to Cady Ann for current details2024 is SOLD OUT! Limited seats are still available for 2025 and 2026!   



We're currently taking inquiries for trip seats on our 2025 & 2026 excursions! 

Please contact

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(Or call Peter, anytime, +1.701.866.8660!) 

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