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midwest mediterranean




Contributing Authors:
David Clardy, Fadel Nammour, Megan Myrdal,
Peter Schultz, William Schultz & Noreen Thomas

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most healthy and delicious ways of eating on the planet. But how can we best practice these dietary principles thousands of miles away from the Mediterranean, here in the Midwest? 


Midwest Mediterranean!


Midwest Mediterranean blends the research, knowledge, and ingredients of the Mediterranean diet with a focus on our local place in the world -- the High Plains. With insights from Dr. David Clardy, attending cardiologist at Sanford Heart and Vascular Center, and Megan Myrdal, co-founder of Food of the North, Dr. Fadel Nammour, physician and owner of Dakota Gastroenterology Clinic, Dr. Peter Schultz, archaeologist and conservationist, William Schultz, mental health practitioner and private practice owner, and Noreen Thomas, farmer and owner of Doubting Thomas Farmthis book explains how and why the Midwest Mediterranean can be a great part of your diet -- and your life! 

This book dips into history, agriculture, biology, philosophy, botany, ingredients, lifestyle, and more. It's also packed with a collection of amazing Midwest Mediterranean recipes created by even more community collaborators: chefs and home cooks from across the Midwest and the Mediterranean who are truly passionate about this diet and this way of life.


Readers will find amazing smorgasbord of principles and particulars – a kind of eclectic community table that we’ve all helped create for each other, a table at which we can all sit, share, learn, and enjoy.

Don't take it from us. Listen to the experts!

"In this localized adaptation of the iconic Mediterranean diet, the authors identify the heartbeat of the cuisine and give it new life in the Great Plains."

                           ~ Dan Barber, author of The Third Plate 

"This book presents a concise and readable overview of the Mediterranean diet with a Midwestern flavor - providing information on how such eating promotes health of the heart, mind, and digestive system. It includes many appetizing recipes that I look forward to trying. It's a great success in translating the science of a healthy diet to everyone's kitchen and dinner table."

                          ~ Joseph E. Marine, MD, MBA, FACC, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland 

"I am delighted by this book! Midwest Mediterranean is an accessible read and a ready resource for cooking the Mediterranean way. The authors guide home cooks through building a pantry and making best use of local and regional ingredients - all with a heart-healthy emphasis on cooking with that Mediterranean staple, extra-virgin olive oil. These recipes are welcome additions to anyone's cooking style and repertoire."

                           ~ Roberta Klugman, Klugman & Associates 

". . . a concise and easy-to-read overview of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. The valuable information contained in this book will contribute to optimal health and longevity."

                           ~ Michael Ozner, MD, FACC, FAHA, author of Heart Attacks Are Not Worth Dying For and The Complete                             Mediterranean Diet 

"Midwest Mediterranean is far more than a cookbook. It's essential reading for those interested in plant-based meals with contributing essays by an internist, cardiologist, dietitian, archaeologist, psychotherapist, and farmer committed to creating a robust local food system. With globally inspired recipes, Midwest Mediterranean celebrates the bounty of the Northern Heartland."

                            ~ Beth Dooley, James Beard Award winner and author of twelve cookbooks, including, The Perennial                                    Kitchen: Simple Recipes for a Healthy Future 

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