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The Christmas Bundle

The ultimate gift! 


This package includes 1 case of Mistra Estates Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, 1 case of Messolonghi Sea Salt, 1 Liquid Gold Saver, and 1 softbound copy of our popular cultural cookbook, Midwest Mediterranean.

The Christmas Bundle

PriceFrom $259.00

    Every year, our oil is bottled to order. In other words, our oil doesn't come out of the settling vat until it's ready to go into our bottles; only our bottles are filled. This process eliminates waste and guarantees freshness. 


    Our order will close on 31 August 2024. Our shipment will arrive early November 2024. As always, pickup and delivery will commence upon our shipment's arrival.

    **Detailed updates for delivery and instructions for all pickup locations will be provided by email and on Facebook.** 


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