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Midwest Mediterranean

Written by a diverse team of Midwesterners, this little book is an exploration of the Mediterranean diet - its associated history, agriculture, biology, philosophy, botany, ingredients, and lifestyle - and how this diet can be adapted and celebrated in the American Heartland.


It’s a book for people who share a zeal for healthy food, healthy minds, and healthy hearts.


It’s a book for people who love cooking, love living, and love feeling their very best.


It’s a book for people who want to feed their bodies and their souls.


While this book does contain some incredible recipes curated from some of the most exciting chefs of the High Plains, it’s not just a “cookbook.” (Or a “health book.” Or a “diet book,” for that matter.) Rather, this book is an amazing smorgasbord of principles and particulars - a kind of eclectic community table, a table at which we can all sit, share, learn, and enjoy. In this case, the table is loaded with some truly life-changing ideas that will transform the way you eat and live.

Midwest Mediterranean

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